The Chromatic Autoturret is an autonomous turret that takes a selected color, looks for it in it's environment, then locks on to and fires at it! The main goal of this project was to infuse two of my greatest hobbies: computers and airsoft. The intention was to create an autonomous turret that could be fed a target color and not only detect it, but lock on to and fire at with with stunning speed!

Color Recognition

The Chromatic Autoturret currently supports red, blue, and green detection, specifically singling out the specified color. Great for making sure your teammates don’t get hurt (but that your enemies will)!

Raspberry-Pi Controlled

All computations take place on the Raspberry Pi 3B board mounted into the display housing of the turret, which means that the turret has a dedicated computer for target acquisition and control.


All of the chassis parts are 3-D printed, with all of them being my own designs! Over several iterations I found a nice balance between functional strength and portability and material cost!

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